Everything Has Changed


It’s in that moment when you realize that someone literally drove 20 hours across the country that makes you realize that maybe you are something special. This is especially true if you suffer much like I do, where you pretty much feel like you aren’t worth anything. But, just in that split second, in the moment of surprise, you realize everything that God has given you.

What I mean by all of that, is that I’ve been waiting about 9 months for my boyfriend to come back from Afghanistan, and on Friday night, he showed up at our old high school’s football game. I had no idea. Seriously, no idea. I just about had a heart attack. It was the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me. I could’ve sworn that that type of thing only happens in movies. Apparently, it happens in real life too. I’m seriously still on a high from that. Which is good, because it’s going to be at least another month before I get to see him again.

Anyways, I do have a point. Sort of. I should have started out with saying that I get lonely a lot. I go home to my apartment at night, all by myself and I’m just….there. And that causes me to be sad. I don’t even know why or how it happens! Sometimes I just find myself curled up in a ball on my bed, not concentrating on the TV, thinking too hard, or trying to find some sort of homework to do. Try to keep myself busy. I guess that’s a good thing though.

I’m getting off on a rabbit trail I’m afraid. Anyways, whenever I’m starting to feel down, I think that I should just think about so many of the good things that God has given over the course of my life, or better yet, what He is allowing me to have now.  I can’t even believe how He brought us together. It’s all difficult for me to understand, but may be that’s the point of it all. I’m not suppose to understand God’s plan.



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