Monster in the closet,

Monster in the hall,

The monster gets a hold of me and I have no one to call,

He lives inside my bedroom,

And in the kitchen cabinet,

He’s always telling me I can break my bad habits

I’m friends with the monster under my bed,

But I’m fairly sure he’d prefer me dead,

He stirs in the night and keeps me awake,

He always puts to much on my plate,

But most of the time he makes me hate

He makes me think I’m crazy,

Sometimes even lazy,

Tells me I’m not good enough,

and no one can ever save me,

He let’s me cry myself to sleep at night,

Thinking things will be better in morning light,

He tells me I’m unwanted and I can never know real love

I’ll like to give him a real good shove,

He screams at me and throws a fit,

Sometimes I think he’ll never quit

Just one moment of peace and quiet

He’d never go for that, just throw a riot

The monster’s name is ED,

But unfortunately he doesn’t live under my bed

But I know all this can’t be true,

I have a purpose and it’s not to be used,

There’s something great inside of me,

If he’d just be quiet he would see

I’m friends with the monster under my bed

but unfortunately, he lives inside my head

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