When You Become A Number

So today, I experienced something that really bothered me. Insensitive people absolutely drive me up the wall. I find it ridiculous.

This morning, during my speech class, this guy in my class was making fun of anorexia. What’s that? That’s mean you say? Yeah, I agree!  I wanted to do one of two things, crawl under the table and feel ashamed of myself and my problem, or punch this guy in my face. In what way is this disorder a joke at all?

When you start to make fun of people who have some kind of disorder whether it be an eating disorder, OCD or something even smaller, you begin to belittle a person and make them feel ten times worse. Odds are that the person you are making fun of, already feels terrible about themselves, so really, let’s think before we speak. I guess I can’t expect everyone to do that or not to make jokes. I’ve just never encountered someone who just outright made fun of an eating disorder like that. My heart just sank when I heard him begin to make fun of it and say that obesity was now his problem.

The issue I have with this comment of his is simply that this disorder is no laughing matter. It’s actually a serious issue that people actually have to battle with. I just think that it’s something that shouldn’t be made fun of. Just like what you eat shouldn’t be brought up at dinner or your yearly salary isn’t appropriate conversation for a party.

MTV EMA's 2012 - VIP ArrivalsTaylor Swift is literally one of my all time favorite people, but personally, I feel that she has become too thin. I don’t know if you can see it, but in the photo where she is in a blue dress you can see her breast bones. It’s just kinda sickly looking and makes me sad. Personally, I think that this is what happens to a person when too much emphasis is placed upon looks or thinness and not on the actual type of person you are. You become a number instead of a person.



2 thoughts on “When You Become A Number

  1. People often make fun of things that they either don’t understand, or can’t deal with. I have bipolar and anxiety and people often ‘joke’ about these things. On the whole they are not targeting me, or my issues, they are just doing what people do. It’s mostly a defense mechanism on their part to avoid issues that they find uncomfortable. I understand that you may take this as people undermining your feelings. Don’t be the victim of others ignorance 🙂


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