I Wanna See You Be Brave

Yesterday morning as we picked my brother up from Sunday School, he began to explain how the girls in the class were basically putting each other down and calling other girls fat. When I heard this, I basically flew off the handle! How could young girls just stand there and call another girl fat? SERIOUSLY. What’s their problem? I just don’t understand what makes another person want to tear someone else down in order to build themselves up. Does that make them feel better? 

It literally breaks my heart to have to hear this coming from other people. Because honestly, I never, ever want anyone else to feel the way I do. The mind is a terrible place to be.I also don’t understand when your outside appearance became of higher value rather than the type of person you are on the inside. I know, that sounds completely cliche, but its the truth. I know, I know, this is the pot calling the kettle black……

This just really had my blood boiling yesterday morning and I could just feel my heart ache for these young girls. I just wanted to sit down and tell them that who you are is NOT solely what you look like. 


“It’s not enough to be pretty out here [the face], you have to be pretty in here too [the heart]. -Loop, Bright Eyes


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