Pulls Her Hair Back As She Screams

Meet Virginia- Train

I heard this song the other night. I’ve known it for the longest time and I’ve liked it, but the other night when I heard it I fell in love with it. Now I’m completely obsessed. I think that I suddenly fell in love with it because it reminds me so much of me. For me, song interpretation can be taken many ways, depending what you are looking for. This song for me is about this girl that doesn’t have the best confidence and doesn’t really like the way she is living.

“Pulls her hair back as she screams….”


“And here she is again on the phone, just like me hates to be alone..” Much like me, I don’t like to be alone. 

“You see her confidence is tragic..” I feel like people could possible think that way about me. 

I’m suppose to go and make an appointment at the clinic this week, but I’ve yet to do that. I think that I’m avoiding it because honestly, its not something that I really care to talk about. It’s painful and that’s not something I really want to think/feel right now. Therefore, if I don’t go to the clinic, I don’t have to feel it. I don’t want to go in there and have to say, I suck at life, I can’t fix this and I’m not any better. Is there anything that we can even do anymore, or am I just like this? I guess I will never know unless I keep trying. I’m just, SO sick of crying. I’m SO sick of hurting. I’m tired of my heart feeling broken.  I thought that only love was suppose to break your heart? Geez, was I wrong. Sometimes, I don’t even want people to feel sorry for me. I think I’m suppose to be like this, so why should they bother to fee bad for me? I don’t think that I want to talk about it out loud because I feel like they can heart the pain and breaking in my voice as well as the pain written all over my face. I’m just…tired.



“Sweeter Than Fiction”- Taylor Swift


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