Trying To Have Life Without Ed



There’s a lot of things I can’t do because of Ed, but yesterday night, I changed that.

For the very first time I admitted in public that I had an eating disorder. I went and spoke to my church youth group about self image and how what they say to people actually matters and actually effects people. Then…I told them about my own personal eating disorder.  I told them that how it got started, some of the terrible things I had done to my body and how I still felt that way. I gave Bible verses and told them that God was the only way I was going to be able to get through this. Without God, there s literally no hope for me. Often times, I have this tendency to feel like nobody could love me because I have this disorder.


It was a good experience for me. Nobody laughed, or said  out loud that I was crazy. Everyone was very accepting of me and made me feel like I wasn’t completely crazy and they accepted me even with my disorder. I really enjoyed talking to the kids. And it’s like I told some of the adults that talked to me afterwards, even though I have a very painful issues, I’d been the same shoes of those kids, I’ve been that age. I would’ve been helpful for me to know that someone else was struggling with the same thing. If God can use this and me to help someone else, then I’m all for that.


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