About the “advantages” of eating disorders and why you should never tell someone with one to “Just Eat!”

This blew me away. I find this woman incredible.

Swimming Upstream

I know some of you are waiting for my second post about Perfectionism.  I promise its coming.

However, I came across a journal entry today that I think is really important.

And I feel like I really need to clear up one common misconception about eating disorders right here from the get go.  One that I might have even exacerbated with my first post here here.


Eating disorders are not just about FOOD. 

They are not about just about being SKINNY. 

I can’t count how many times I was told in the midst of my eating disorder “So, why don’t you just eat?”  “You are beautiful! You are thin! So just stop throwing up!”

If only it were that easy.

Eating disorders are an extremely complicated thing, my friends.

I spent years trying to figure out why I couldn’t “just eat” or “just love myself ” or just believe…

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