Today, We’re Fearless

For the first time in forever I’ve gotten to have a number of good days in a row. IN. A. ROW. Do you realize how groundbreaking, earth shattering, and incredible that is?! It’s a new phenomenon really.

Anyways, that just blew my mind really.  On to the more important part and the part I actually realized I wanted to write. I ran around the house looking for computers when I realized I wanted to tell this.


I was at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo today to watch my brother show his pig. (It was really dusty in there. Pigs are just filthy to me). Outside where all the vendors and other show barns are at there is a dairy barn. This is where they demonstrate how to milk cows and children and adults alike can see and learn how cows work. In this barn, these knowledge seekers can purchase milkshakes, ice cream cones and these little ice cream cups. Today, I had one of those little chocolate ice cream cups. Today, I ate ice cream. Today, I ate something  that didn’t show how  many calories. Today, I ate something that didn’t show the fat content. I consumed something that I didn’t know anything about. But I ate it.

Today, I was fearless.

Not everything happens all at once. This is an ongoing process. I’m going to lose many battles with Ed, but I’ll get to win some too. And today, today I won.

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