Who Are You?

When I accept myself....

Everybody keeps telling me that “I’m fine.” or “I’m doing great.” How do they know this? Better yet, why do they think this? Am I don’t well? Better? Because, truth be told, I don’t really know that I feel all that different. I don’t think that I feel like I’ve changed, or recovered or rejuvenated or however that I’m supposed to feel. But maybe I’m not going to undergo this dramatic change. Not everyone does. My therapist seems to think that I can just consider myself “in recovery”  and never actually cured. Seeing as there is no actual cure for eating disorders and it’s just something you have to learn to live with and cope with, maybe saying “in recovery” is the correct answer.

Also, on another note, having acceptance of people is something vital to relationships. No matter what type of issue they have. Like for me, the eating disorder doesn’t define me. It just happens to be a large part of my life. Much like a child with Autism, it doesn’t define them, it’s just a part of their every day life. I think that people forget these things easily. They forget that a person is more than their disorder or illness. People are more than their struggles. They are the books they read, their laugh, smile, their favorite foods and t.v. shows, the silly jokes they tell, their favorite scents, even their favorite color. People are their raw emotions and their deepest darkest secrets. Whatever struggle they are living with does not, and will not ever fully define their life. Acceptance is key. Acceptance is key to everything. When someone excepts you fully-exactly as you are- it makes it that much easier to recover, cope or live with your struggle.

You are a thousand things. Love love love.



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