Halloween Is…..SOOOO Fun (Eye Roll)

So, that “Bad Day” song that used to come on the radio all the time? Yeah, it should really come one more often. On second thought, I really don’t like that song. It’s something about the way it sounds. Anyways, it would’ve been a perfect theme song to this week. To add on to that thought, it’s Halloween. Just my all-time favorite day (sarcasm at it’s finest, yes.) I wasn’t bothered this morning or at all really literally up until about 10 minutes ago.

Eating disorders quote: You Can't Weigh Beauty.   www.HealthyPlace.com

I’ve seen girls half dressed before, I mean it shouldn’t really be a big deal. It just happens to be when certain people show up on your Instagram or you know, any other place. I see these picture of these girls and they just look better than you and suddenly you’re sucked into the vortex of everything you need to fix and change and do better than what they are doing or…..I’m getting carried away so I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to say at this point. The train of thought has been derailed. But crying is a definite possibility right now. I just don’t even know. I just feel……….weird. I just haven’t felt bad like that in a little while. I mean, if you ever wanted to feel bad about yourself, apparently today is that day.

Little Mermaid - Homemade Halloween Costume for Adolescents/Adults. Too cute, wish I had more time to do this!

Being hotter than actual Disney princesses. TSM.

I mean, whatever happened to dressing like this:

Work Appropriate Halloween Costumes You know, with all your clothes on?

Now I remember however, aside from the scary movies and scary costumes and people acting ridiculous I remember why I hate this day. Thanks girls. (Not that it’s even y’all’s fault. Haha.)

I know places

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