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Blazing Hearts

You were the girl with the blazing heart on fire….

I was watching Nashville last night and Lennon and Maisy sang this amazing song. At first listen, I didn’t really catch what it was saying to me, but this morning when I looked it up, I pretty much heard exactly what it meant.

Free as a dress in the breeze hanging on a laundry line, in the sunshine….

Even if it’s just for 2 measly seconds, we all know what it’s like to feel free. I know that feeling, it’s pretty amazing. Sometimes throughout the day I will just randomly feel this way. All of a sudden I can feel empowered and like I’m ready to conquer anything, which is something rare these days. Usually I feel so bogged down from all of this school work (which is literally taking over my life!!!!) but sometimes in the middle of it all, I can feel some freedom. Sometimes, I can feel like I’m in control. This song talks about how everyone goes through this, everyone gets a little down on themselves.

Who threw the punch that you couldn’t handle, what came along and blew out your candle?

Well….I think we all know who. But how does that happen? I still have yet to understand how I have managed to develop this disease over my life. I don’t mean to play the “poor me” card. I’m just saying, how did I get picked so to speak? That’s the old way of my thinking, they why. Now I should be thinking, how do I change that? How do I get myself to overcome this? I’m stronger than he is…I am.

Maybe it’s just yourself that you’re fighting, keeping the shine in your star from rising…

Technically it is just myself that I’m fighting…but it really is more than that. I don’t mean to keep myself down, but am I unintentionally doing this? I think that lately I just feel really down, almost depressed. I feel like nothing is going right these days, like I can’t get anything to go my way. This has been one of the hardest semesters of my life, just with all the complications and basically just transitioning into becoming an almost full functioning adult. I’m just tired of fighting the same battles all the time and tired of having the same conversations over and over and overrrrrrr.

….Gotta light it back up, gotta get back up.

But just like these young girls clearly say, you’ve just got to get back up, have to pick yourself back up off the ground and keep going. Keep fighting. Eventually something has to go in my favor, right? It’ll get better….I think. (:

Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can.

You were the girl with the blazing heart on fire ❤