Which Wich Adventure

I know that we’ve probably all seen these floating around the internet:

Image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/a0/36/dd/a036dd5bdbb067b96cae629a8c7caee4.jpg

Image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/f0/3f/1b/f03f1b18acf384d0a3fd2ea505f37507.png

Well for me in my eating disorder journey, some days are about working out and eating only yogurt and fruit and others we like to incorporate some other sort of food. Likeeeee today! Today was the first time I’ve ever eaten at a Which Wich because we recently got one in San Angelo and I’ve just been too nervous to try it, but it was pretty awesome. Major win. Let me just say, that if you haven’t ever eaten at Which Wich you are doing yourself a very large and harmful disservice! For real.


Side note: When I go to a restaurant where they call out your name for the order, I’ve learned over years of having my name butchered to just put a simple name that people are less likely to screw up or want to have this long conversation about.

That bread was amazing ( and I’m super, super terrified of bread!!) But I did, y’all!! I ate the freakin’ sandwich. I haven’t quite freaked out yet…..I can feel it sort of starting to happen because originally I planned on having yogurt for lunch (but you probably guessed that).


I’m trying really hard to cope with this though. I’m telling myself that eating a sandwich is absolutely normal. It’s finally warm-ish outside today and I’m going to try and run in a little while so I’m thinking that might offset or at least prolong the freak out for a few hours/days. I can be ever so hopeful. But back to this sandwich business. I mean seriously! Has it just been a while since I’ve eaten a sandwich or was it really just that good? I think Subway may have lost a customer today……haha. Sorry, Subway! I’m really not sorry for discovering this new place though 🙂


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