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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Chainsaw - The Band Perry

I met this boy named Ed

He was special, or so they said

I met him at school one day

He was cunning so I let him stay

I know this boy named Ed

He greets me every morning when I get out of bed

He says don’t drink that orange juice

Your jeans need to stay very loose

I know this boy named Ed

He’s always in my head

He wants me to be perfect

He also says I’m not worth it

I’m friends with this boy named Ed

I knew I should have fled

When he told me he would like me better unfed

I guess he’d also like me better dead

My best friend’s name is Ed

I usually wish he would go away

But then I just beg him to stay

And so this is the road I now tread

I know this boy named Ed

It’s a dreary path we tread

He carved our initials into a tree

Now my chainsaw  will set me free

I hate this boy named Ed

I don’t care what he said

He needs to leave but instead he screams

He used his wicked words and turned them into schemes

There will be a day when I can make Ed go away

My skies will no longer be dark and grey

I will no longer have to obey

I can do this, breakaway

I will be free from Ed

He will no longer be my best friend

I’ll never have to be too skinny

Then I can believe that I look pretty

This boy named Ed is gone

I am no longer his pawn

My life is finally my own

Oh, oh, the places I’ll go

Chainsaw - The Band Perry

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