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A Load of Cobblers

In case the title may have you puzzled…it’s old timey slang and basically means “what a load of nonsense”. I’ve been pondering on something lately and I’m just about to let it all out in the open.

Image: http://now.org/now-foundation/love-your-body/posters/winning-designs/

We live in a world obsessed with food guidelines (FDA), health and fitness, being thin/toned/strong and constantly talking about the latest fad to “stay fit”. There are entire magazines and websites devoted to being “healthy”, “slimming down”, telling us how we can “look our best” or getting “bikini body ready”. I search Pinterest and see the word “skinny” constantly being thrown in front of popular recipes (not that cutting out some calories is necessarily bad.) We are constantly being told we never eat enough fruits and vegetables, how eating meat is bad for you, how sugar is bad, soda is bad, bread and carbs are bad, they jury still seems to be out on how much alcohol is good in part of your diet, processed food is bad, and don’t even think about gluten. I really wish I could think of a better synonym than “bad” but I can’t right now and that isn’t my main focus. Everything seems to be “bad”and we never eat the “right” things.As a society we are constantly slammed with negative terminology for the foods we consume. I mean, sometimes these terms have us thinking twice about what eating an apple will do to our body. I swear every other commercial on TV is for some popular weight loss program or diet pill that “magically” melt away pounds. It’s all just confusing or overwhelming.

So, basically, I should eat just ice, make my own grains, not eat meat (which I need specific amino acids from) and constantly snack on fruits and vegetables? When in tarnation did eating become so tedious and like my part time job?! When did eating stop being enjoyable? No wonder there are so many people meticulously planning meals and constantly fretting over what they are eating and if it’s going to be considered correct. No wonder there are so many people with eating disorders, developing them or with eating issues in general.

I’m not trying to blame eating disorder on anyone. NOT what I’m doing. However, shouldn’t the media feel somewhat accountable for at least helping aid people for developing them? If someone wasn’t always promoting “thin” or “perfect body” campaigns and ads wouldn’t it be easier to be more content with your own body? And yes, there are some programs and campaigns out there now that promote a healthy body image and about loving yourself in your own skin, but they can’t combat everything coming from the other side telling society that we need to change something about ourselves. (Whew! Deep breath. I may be out of momentum.)


I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to be healthy and eat foods that nourish us, but do we constantly need it thrown in our face that how we eat is bad? Sometimes, it’s perfectly reasonable to eat Cheetos, drink your coke and eat that chocolate cake!

Image: http://www.yummyhealthyeasy.com/2012/05/decadent-low-fat-diet-coke-cake.html

I think that I just want to live in an ideal world where everything is gumdrops and sunshine. I think I just want everyone to feel comfortable with themselves, be able to accept themselves and truly believe that family and friends will love you in spite of your outward appearance. Half of being healthy is being able to feel good about yourself and sometimes I just get so caught up and bogged down by everything the media is throwing at me. I’m not even holding the bat anymore for the balls that they throw….I just try to dodge them as best I can because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.


Image: http://www.skinnymom.com/12-commandments-to-love-your-body/

Be Happy. Be You.


Comparison is the thief of joy. — Theodore Roosevelt *Let go of comparing yourself to moms on Facebook & Pinterest! XO

I know that I’ve been thinking and talking to a lot of people lately about thinking before we speak. I ran across this article the other day that was talking about just that plus some more wonderful and insightful things that I hadn’t really thought of before.

Humans are like flowers in a garden. Some compete for the sunlight others just make do & ... blooms

In today’s world, most people (women predominately) are constantly on a diet of some type. Now I’m going to be talking more about women in this post as opposed to men, HOWEVER I am VERY aware that men have just as difficult as a time with body image and eating disorder as women. With that being said, I’ve seen so many people, and heard as well, people being praised and upheld for “being good” and staying on track with their diet. By not eating a cupcake, cheese, or a milk less than 2%, these “we” are praised for being “healthy”. But are we really considered healthy if we are constantly miserable or constantly striving for perfection or constantly trying to be something other than what we are.? We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Constantly!!!! Are we really considered healthy if we do not allow ourselves to enjoy all wonderful things that life has to offer including all types of food and NOT exercising every single day? We are never satisfied with the body we have. I don’t even think that’s entirely our fault.

Be blessed with what God has given you. Because there is someone out there that would love what you take for-granted....

The media has changed images so many times it hard to keep track of. They also feed us over and over again that we need to be “toned” “tan” “eating less” or “insert latest healthy phrase here”. Then they slap some toned and beautiful model on front of the magazine cover so that we can wish and criticize ourselves over how we do not or will not ever look that way.

And another point, when are we going to let women enjoy themselves? And stop looking down on them if they ate a cookie or didn’t count all their calories in the day. What would even happen if we didn’t pay attention and didn’t count how many calories we consumed in the day??? What?? Nothing!!!!!! That’s right! When do we actually get to enjoy our life? I mean, at what age do we stop to get worrying and stressing over our physical appearance? When do we stop expecting all people to be tan and stop making fun of them if they are anything less than a crisp orange from the tanning bed? When do we stop expecting all men to be perfectly sculpted and muscular? Basically, my point is, when do we stop having unrealistic expectations and start letting people look like people and not perfect little dolls?

Be happy Be Bright Be YOU https://www.facebook.com/pages/kidsdingecom-Origineel-speelgoed-hebbedingen-voor-hippe-kids/160122710686387?ref=hl www.kidsdinge.com

I don’t mean that people shouldn’t workout, should never watch what they eat or anything of the sort. Everything can be fine in moderation. But the key to all of this is happiness. Would you rather be miserable or happy? Do you want to enjoy your life, or constantly feel like you have to work toward and unattainable goal? Ask yourself, is all the dieting, working out, stress, anxiety and worry really worth risking your happiness?

Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too. Elephants by sevenstar on Etsy

Flawed People


I was reading this the other day after it was sent to me. I’ve read something similar to this before but I can’t exactly remember it. Anyways, I was reading this and tears started to build up in my eyes (if you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a pretty big crier). I’ve read before that men don’t see your body they way that you do at all. They only see the parts that make you “unique” and “you”. Is that true? Like do men really think that or is that just something people say to self conscious women to make them feel better and shut up about their insecurities? Or do people really think that way? Because if they do, that might make me feel a thousand times better.

There is no such thing as perfect and you should strive to develop an attitude of gratitude to make all those around you feel loved.

I think that I just wished that we lived in the world where people-both women and men alike-didn’t have to constantly live in comparison to other people. I know that I personally compare myself to other women all the time. And I know that’s dumb and you shouldn’t keep doing that because ‘you’re only hurting yourself’. I can’t help it though. It just seems to keep coming back and keep playing over and over again. …….yay……

Back to my point though, this article enlightened me. Whether this has any truth to it or not, it made me feel better for 5 whole minutes.

"Riser" -Dierks Bentley


Stillbirth, stillborn, pregnancy loss, infant loss, misscarriageHave you ever wonder what it would be like to be inside someone else’s mind? To know all their thoughts, the way they process things, the way they feel about others, but most importantly, how they think and speak to themselves? Okay, maybe that last part is just me. I wonder that all the time. How do others speak and perceive themselves? Do they constantly beat themselves up? Continuously tell themselves they aren’t good enough? Do they even feel bad about anything to eat? I don’t have all the answers to any of those questions, I only know what I think and what my own personal experience is.

Today, I wanted to eat Rosa’s for lunch, so I did. When I walked into that restaurant, I told myself that I wasn’t going to feel bad about what I was eating and for three whole minutes, I believed myself.  But as soon as I held that to go bag in my hand, I knew that everything I had just tried to prepare myself for was about to happen.  I was about to eat my lunch, and literally, as I was in the process of eating it, I was going to feel bad about it. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to fix that feeling that I have right now. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do at this moment that are going to take this pain and heaviness I’m feeling on my heart right now and make it go away. I guess I can try, but I don’t even know where to begin, which is the problem I come to the majority of the time.

Glee | Quote

There’s some days, where I can handle anything that this ed wants to throw at me, and then there’s others, where I eat a cracker or drink some water and I just want to die because I blew my whole entire eating plan. Don’t ask me  how I have either of these days, because if I knew I’m completely eliminate one from my life. But that’s not how it is. That’s not how it is for my life. I live in  world where beauty and looks are what everyone values. However, I was reading the Bible the other day, and I know this verse to be true already, but 1 Peter 3:3-4 says that it’s not your outward appearance that should validate you and make you who you are as a person, but the person that you are on the inside who should define who you are.

Scripture Art Bible Verse Art Faith Based Art 1 by faithforward, $39.00


Show You Off

I think that I have stumbled upon my new favorite person. Miss Indiana 2014: Mekayla Diehl. Mekayla is a 25 year old who recently competed in the Miss USA pageant. Even though she didn’t win the crown, she’s a winner in my heart.

Normally, when you watch beauty pagents, the women are up there in their bathing suits and are usually super slim, have skinnier legs, sometimes have much muscle tone but more often times than not, don’t depict a “normal” body image or the “normal” American woman.

Miss Alabama 2013 Mary Margret McCord

What I thought was really cool was that Mekayla wasn’t trying to be as tiny as possible, not eating like a normal person and depriving herself of things she really wanted just to be deemed beautiful at the contest or in regular life. And it worked! Nobody is frowning upon her for her physique! She looks fantastic! She doesn’t need to be skinny as a rail, and have abs that pop out all over the place for all of America to think she looks pretty. I find that inspiring not only to be but to girls everywhere.

Not that some women aren’t just naturally thin, and have great muscle tone, visible abs and model features because there are. But I love that Mekayla was able to be in this Miss USA contest or win the title of Miss Indiana, because it shows all of us that everyone can be beautiful. It’s not just the slender women that can participate in these contest and have all of America fawning over them. I think that it’s inspiring to young teen girls, little girls and women as a whole. It shows little girls that just because they look different doesn’t mean they have to give up on their dreams and older girls that sometimes being different sets you apart.

Bottom line, Mekayla Diehl has a special place in my heart <3.

Miss Indiana USA 2014

Ever Changing Size Chart

Is anyone else left scratching their head when it comes to clothing sizes or is it just me? When your mother was younger did it seem like it was more common for more slender women to wear larger clothing sizes. Not everyone was a size 0, 2 or 4 then. It was normal for women to wear a size 8 and still be considered on the lower end of the weight charts. So, I decided to do a little research to figure out what’s going on with this mystery sizing.


Apparently in 1983, the United States Department of Commerce chose to uniform sizing system because the current one didn’t reflect the new sizes of people. If you take a look at the sizes and average size of women from years back are dramatically different. About 50 years ago, the average American woman was about 5’4” with a waist size of 24-25” and weighed around 120 pounds actually worse a size 8! But in today’s society, the average woman is 5’4”, weighs 140-150 pounds, has a waist of 34-35” and wears a size 12-14. What??? 

Since vanity is so important  in today’s time, from models to movie stars, in order to change to fit the mold the designers have changed the sizes so that sizes that are actually larger are marked as smaller! So, therefore, what was a size 8 in 1950, is currently a size 4  or smaller in today’s system. I don’t know if that startles anyone else, but it freaks me out a little and make me wonder why that was really necessary. Why did the whole sizing system need to change? Was being a size 0 really that important? Let’s just think about the fact that what used to be a size 8, is not a size 4. Size 8=Size 4. Arrggg, bleh, what?! I can’t even piece that together in my mind or make that connection to the sizes.  This just really frustrates me.

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly share some words backstage at the 28th Annual Academy Awards, 1956.

Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn 1956

Marilyn Monroe - Oscars Most Breath Taking Gowns

Marilyn Monroe

Favorite Actress: Kate Winslet    Beautiful, Beyond-Talented, Real to the Core. Titanic, Revolutionary Road, The Reader, Little Children, Mildred Pierce, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...she makes any movie worth seeing!

Kate Winslet

Whitney Thompson

Whitney Thompson

I’m Not A Doll

So, it’s been a rough couple of days for me. Let’s just say I’m having a lot of bad days in a row. A LOT. Last night, my night ended in hyperventilation and sitting on the couch with my daddy and my new puppy. (His name is Pepper by the way. I think he’s super cute.) But I made the mistake of stepping on the scale and thinking that that number somehow defines me. I know that everyone says that it doesn’t, but I just feel like it does. It’s not like I go around judging people by what they look like, because I absolutely do not!!!! But I feel like people do when they look at me! Ugh, what’s my issue? I mean, I pretty much cried all morning today. I’m just in one of those bad ruts I think.

I’ve been on my favorite place lately, pinterest, and I stumbled upon this video of a girl who reads her poem. It’s beautiful. It made me cry when I watched it. It kind of inspired me to write my own poem, although it is not eloquent, eye opening or helpful as hers, it’s the raw words that my own mind has said over the past 72 hours.

These collarbones will never stick out

But it’s not like I’m actually stout

My thighs are too big, they’ll never form that gap

So I guess I’ll need to dwell on being fat

These bones on my wrist, used to let my charm bracelet hang off it

Now these arms seem thick and make me feel sick

“You’re soooo skinny.” “You just need to eat”

“Why do you worry, you live so thin.” “I wish I could be like you.”

Shut up, shut up, you don’t know what it’s like to have these voices talk all the time

The lines in my abs won’t pop out,

I guess everything has just gone south

Those hip bones live under a layer of fat

What are you going to do about that?

Puke, take pills, run like hell, no matter what you’ll  never get that body back

Give up the cake, chips and junk food

Then being skinny will come easier tomorrow

Eat clean, eat right

That’s how you get the right body type

Cry, hyperventilate and fall on the floor

That’s what this has come to, do I even wanna do this anymore?

Can’t my clothes just hand off, my pants be too big, can’t I just be a twig?

These standards of beauty are just too hard and high

How am I suppose to achieve this, I don’t even know how to try

The Lucky One

In today’s world, there are all sorts of ways to be influenced by some type of media. From television, books, movies, radio, magazines, they can even start to creep into your reams. Not that all forms of media are negative influences, often times they are encouraging, positive and uplifting. But, are those the images we remember? Are they the ones we dream of being or strive so fiercely to be like? More often times that not, its not those filled with a positive images that we remember, but the negative that get drilled and cemented in our brains.

For me, I have a few examples (I’ll explain those after). Recently, KIA Motors has their commercial for the KIA Soul with the hamsters being their spokesperson.  When the commercial initially came out, the hamsters were portrayed to look like normal with a healthy body size, and regular clothes; they resembled normal hamster-well, if your hamsters wear clothes that is.

Not too long after, a new commercial emerged. In this depiction, the hamsters are show changing their eating habits, lifting weights, working out, and changed the way they dressed. By the end of the commercial, the hamsters exit a limo showing their new thin bodies, new wardrobe and looking polished, and now everyone wants a picture with them. You’ve just got to be lucky enough to get accepted.

Now, not that there is ANYTHING against working out or eating healthy! That’s just simply called taking care of yourself!! The issue I have with this is that to me it seems like the hamsters before their transformation were not as well liked. It almost seems like they are saying you have to “be thinner” in order to be socially acceptable and have friends. Not that nobody liked the hamsters before, but they seem to become almost overnight sensations and claim more fame with their polished look. I just think that this commercial sends a very negative message. It’s not about accepting who you are. It’s all about changing your design to be accepted by the public, and be with the  trends.

Maybe I’m just blowing it out of proportion. It could be a depiction of how the car has changed. I don’t know. From where I stand, I just feel like it delivers a message of changing who you are, or that you need to be thinner.

About those other examples. I have a couple of celebrities in mind that every time I see their picture in the media I want to be like them. However, after I stare at them for a few moments, I step back and have to mentally tell myself that I am me, I’m not them, and I’m exactly how I’m suppose to be.

#miley #cyrus

Not the best influence on many levels! But her body is tiny.


Nina Dobrev


amazing dress  Black Dress #2dayslook #sasssjane #BlackDress www.2dayslook.com

As much as I love both Nina Dobrev and Taylor Swift, they are also kind of triggers.


one of my favorite pictures of her

Shailene Woodley. She is beautiful

Emma Watson

Kacey Musgraves

Red Carpet Arrivals for the Oscar's: Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture, I just had to repin because she's amazing...

I know that I included Taylor Swift again; she’s also an inspiration. Shailene Woodley, Emma Watson, Kacey Musgraves, and Jennifer Lawrence are all positive images for me. They tend to make me feel good about myself because they are comfortable in their own skin.

Celebrate Every Body

“If your thighs touch, you’re living life wrong.”

“You just aren’t skinny enough if you don’t have the gap.”


Blah, blah, blah…basically, you’re stupid and overweight (well according to these self proclaimed “experts”.) If you haven’t achieved this gap, you are basically inferior to all other girls who have. (Riiiight.  NOT!) I don’t believe that for one second because a thigh gap is virtually impossible to achieve. I’m pretty sure your thighs are suppose to touch. But then again, I’m an expert on nothing.

So, what is the thigh gap you ask?

THIGH GAP: It appears in women and girls who are very thin while also having very thin thighs.

This phenomenon is absolutely fine, of you just came by it naturally. However, lately it has become a body obsession epidemic because it’s being promoted as healthy and pretty. The issue is, that this gap isn’t achievable for all  women. Women with a different bone structure or genetic makeup aren’t going to be able to have one. If a girl has narrow hips or muscle definition they will also not be able to obtain this new found obsession. That doesn’t stop any pages like on twitter, tumblr, blogs or any other social media sight from promoting the potentially harmful idea.

Many of the pro-ana blogs or social media pages promote not eating at all, or cutting certain foods out of diets, or just odd food rituals all together. What this thigh gap phenomenon is teaching and promoting to girls is that, you aren’t prefect exactly how you are and that you need to change yourself in order to be deemed pretty or have the love and affection of someone else. These type of thoughts are potentially harmful because it puts girls on the path the negative body image, unhappiness or even eating disorders because it says no matter what you have to do to be as skinny as possible, do it.

I mean, no wonder to many girls (guys as well), have body image issues. There are so many diet promotions or air brushed images all over magazine covers;  even restaurants are starting to have a hand in this. First let’s take the old, tired out Victoria’s Secret magazine. They display women in their bras, underwear, swimsuits and pajamas and usually these women are airbrushed or “fixed” in some manner. There was just a controversy over this involving Jennifer Lawrence. Almost everything about her is changed when it didn’t need to be altered at all because J-Law is BEAUTIFUL!


Lastly, let’s take my personal favorite restaurant (GIANT joke. I’m totally kidding. Not serious at all.) Twin Peaks. No wonder so many girls have body image issues. Now I’m not knocking the ladies that work there!! Those are all respectable women and if they are comfortable working there, that’s perfectly fine! But personally, I feel that restaurants that require that type of uniform are sending a message that you have to fit this certain body type in order to be desirable and sell meals. And maybe that isn’t the case, but I think there is a lot of pressure on girls to want to be able to fit into that sort of outfit and rock it.

Basketball Web Image

I personally believe that we need to be teaching girls that no matter how skinny they are or how small their thighs are that it doesn’t define them! We are so much more than our bodies. We are our personalities, our minds, our hearts, our sense of humor and our work ethic. Nobody can put a diet on those things. And really, those type of things make you who you truly are.

When You Become A Number

So today, I experienced something that really bothered me. Insensitive people absolutely drive me up the wall. I find it ridiculous.

This morning, during my speech class, this guy in my class was making fun of anorexia. What’s that? That’s mean you say? Yeah, I agree!  I wanted to do one of two things, crawl under the table and feel ashamed of myself and my problem, or punch this guy in my face. In what way is this disorder a joke at all?

When you start to make fun of people who have some kind of disorder whether it be an eating disorder, OCD or something even smaller, you begin to belittle a person and make them feel ten times worse. Odds are that the person you are making fun of, already feels terrible about themselves, so really, let’s think before we speak. I guess I can’t expect everyone to do that or not to make jokes. I’ve just never encountered someone who just outright made fun of an eating disorder like that. My heart just sank when I heard him begin to make fun of it and say that obesity was now his problem.

The issue I have with this comment of his is simply that this disorder is no laughing matter. It’s actually a serious issue that people actually have to battle with. I just think that it’s something that shouldn’t be made fun of. Just like what you eat shouldn’t be brought up at dinner or your yearly salary isn’t appropriate conversation for a party.

MTV EMA's 2012 - VIP ArrivalsTaylor Swift is literally one of my all time favorite people, but personally, I feel that she has become too thin. I don’t know if you can see it, but in the photo where she is in a blue dress you can see her breast bones. It’s just kinda sickly looking and makes me sad. Personally, I think that this is what happens to a person when too much emphasis is placed upon looks or thinness and not on the actual type of person you are. You become a number instead of a person.