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Haters Gonna Hate

I have a few things I’ve been thinking about lately but just haven’t had the time to get on here.

  1. Miranda Lambert’s weight loss
  2. Taylor Swift new cd

Miranda Lambert - Platinum  You can download it legally and for free from Freegal. http://eodls.freegalmusic.com/ #libraryfreespot

Now y’all, please, please, PLEASE don’t take what I am about to say the wrong way. I love Miranda Lambert, I do. However, in my opinion, she’s sold out. I mean, sure I guess she’s still the same old Miranda, (like I know her right?) But, speaking as someone who has eating/weight issues I feel like I have a different perspective on her weight loss. Not that she doesn’t look spectacular, but I can’t help but think she looks like a bobble head. There is a huge difference between losing weight and losing too much weight-take it from someone who knows- and I feel as if she’s in the “too much” category. I’m not going to deny her the privilege of losing weight, if she wanted to that’s her own prerogative! I think she’s happy with her end product and is proud of her accomplish, as she should be! People are going to love her regardless of whether she’s a size 4 or a size 8 or 10 or whatever. I just feel like she took it too far. But like I said, speaking as someone who constantly evaluates other’s weight appearance- I TOTALLY TOTALLY do not do that on purpose, it just happens- I just feel like it’s too much weight lost. Miranda is absolutely gorgeous, the way she was BEFORE and the way she is NOW. I’m definitely not saying she needs to change. I know there’s an extreme amount of pressure once you are in the spotlight and people are constantly picking and criticizing what you look like. I’m still going to like her and I’m still going to listen to the music she makes because I firmly believe that a person is not solely what they look like, but the type of individual they are on the inside. Okay…mini rant over.

Love this!

miranda lambert before and after weight loss

NEXT!!! Taylor Swift’s new CD, 1989 comes out in 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!!!!!!!! Everyone please brace yourself for many Taylor related posts, songs and well….my slight obsession with her. Don’t hate me.

Oh wait…”hater’s gonna hate hate hate..but I’m just gonna shake shake shake.”

Shake it off - Taylor Swift

P.S. I’m currently listening to a potential one.

In Her Simple Little Way

A Thing About You - Hunter Hayes

I go through a lot of these emotions throughout the week. Many times they range from self loathing, self love and then finally a tiny smidgen of self acceptance. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I find myself saying, ‘don’t worry about what other people think you look like. You have to accept yourself.’ Blah, blah, blah. Sure those  words are good, pure and they pave a road filled with wonderful intentions, but do I really, fully, truly believe that???

I know that I talk about embracing yourself and all your imperfections, but the truth is, currently that’s my journey and what I’m currently trying to tackle. I’m trying to be a girl..err woman (I am 20 after all)..that doesn’t require validation from anyone whether it be men, friends, instragram or any person other than me. That’s an extremely difficult concept for me to wrap my mind around. For most people, I believe that its completely normal for people want to be told that they look nice. But for me, I’m trying to shy away from that. Because I have this horrendous crippling eating disorder, I’m trying to do this whole self acceptance angle.  I’m trying my very, very best.

I just want to prove Ed wrong. That’s all. I want him to be gone, once and for all.

Proved You Wrong- Cassadee Pope

We just need to be………..

Miranda Lambert lyrics

The Bathroom Sink

It’s amazing the amount of rejection that I see
In my reflection and I can’t get out of the way

So, Miranda Lambert’s new album Platinum came out today. In case you didn’t know this about me, I happen to be a pretty big Miranda fan. I love her. I loved her when she was first starting out and just a small town East Texas girl and I love her still even though she’s finally being recognized.  What I used to love about her is that she was never ashamed of her body for the way it was. She always felt beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. Now, even though she’s revamped her body and gotten it toned, to a smaller size and is now eating healthier, she is still someone to look up to regarding body image. She doesn’t let other people tell her how she should look. 

Miranda Lambert

“Bathroom Sink” is one of the songs on her new record. I’m really loving it because it shows that even she struggles with body image. It’s saying that the bathroom sink, a.k.a. the mirror, gives us all problems. For me, it usually tells me I’m not good enough. That’s why I bolded my favorite line from the song. It’s really easy to see rejection and flaws in myself, however, I can’t stop standing in front of that stupid mirror and picking at all of my “flaws”. Glamour is a really easy way to hide yourself, to hide your feelings and flaws and try to make yourself feel better and more presentable. But it’s not everything and all the amount of makeup, glitter, and pretty clothes can’t make up for a lack of confidence. What you think of yourself is pretty important. It’s the most important opinion, not someone else’s.

It all gets complicated
sometimes overrated
Glamour at its finest
Just means someone’s hiding
From their own reality and the mirror at their bathroom sink

I really relate to and love this song because while it is talking about how that mirror and bathroom can make you feel completely awful, at the same time, it’s not important and you can find your own power over it.  You can take all of the self criticism and put it to good use. You can either let it weigh you down or you can let it go and “clean up the bathroom sink” and go on with the rest of the day. You can’t “spend too much time in front of the bathroom sink.” 

All of that is easier said than done, especially for me. But one day, I think that I can take the mirror’s power and let it go elsewhere.

I’m lookin’ forward to the girl I wanna be…
Miranda Lambert & her airstreams, Platinum Album - June 3 2014