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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Let’s take the idea of running away. For a long while now, I’ve contemplated running away. Not that I know where I would run away to. I often think about going to Ireland, or Disneyworld or someplace magically. But I watched The Wizard of Oz the other night, and that got me thinking….about somewhere over the rainbow.

Cinderella's Castle at Disneyworld - light show for 'A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams' (Photo by Nick Minore)

There’s a concept; what if there really is a place beyond the rainbow? What if it’s a safe place where there are no troubles? Where they melt like lemon drops? 😉 But just for a second, just a simple second, think about what life would be like if there was a magical place you could go like that? That seems so simple. If all your troubles could just fade away by chasing a rainbow and finding the other side of it. I just love that idea.

Oh, how I love this so.- my favorite movie in the whole wide world

Maybe that’s the whole point of the song or the concept though. Maybe we have to create our own ‘over the rainbow’. We have to come up with a place that makes us feel safe, calm, relaxed and like our troubles can simply melt away. No, we can’t stay over the rainbow forever, but we can spend a little of our time there. If we create our own land of Oz that’s somewhere over the rainbow. We create our own magic.

I happen to love The Wizard of Oz, so that song just hold a special place in my heart. I think the song can be interpreted a number ways, and for me it’s about escaping what my current troubles seem to be.

Quote of "The Wizard of OZ"!!